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What is a Dissertation?

In the universities of UK, a dissertation is defined as “an extended piece of writing based on extended reading and some independent research in undergraduate and Masters.” Most of the students are searching for the definition of a dissertation as they want to know what exactly the dissertation is and how to write a dissertation perfectly. There are some reliable and cheap dissertation writing services that offer the dissertation writing help. However, it is better students write a dissertation for their own. This article is intended to explain the definition and structure of a dissertation. Here we will discuss some general information about a dissertation’s expected content, style, methodology and structure.


Definition of Dissertation

An independent learning project is an important element of final year study for the undergraduate degree students. These projects may vary in scope and nature (e.g. design and production, dissertation or extended essay) most of these consist of following key characteristics:


  • Determination of learner about the focus and direction of their work.
  • With some tutor support and direction provided, this work is usually carried out on an individual basis.
  • There should be distinctive saturated research component attached to the project with the collection of primary data and analysis of existing/secondary data.
  • Finally, the learners should have a more continuous engagement with the selected subject than is the case with ‘standard’ coursework assignment such as essay or reports. This work consequently requires more ‘in-depth’.


Why does my degree program include a dissertation?

Your degree might also offer other alternatives such as the option of an independent learning project, an extended essay or a senior paper. This process of producing this type of assessment enables you to:

  • Explore an area in depth.
  • Define your own question.
  • Identify your own area of interest.
  • Manage a project from starting to the end.
  • Experience the process of creating knowledge.
  • To make firm your communication, information-seeking and rational skills.


How should your dissertation module organized?

The produced handbooks are excellent sources of information and support about ‘how the dissertation process works’. However, you may also search online for the dissertation writing process and you may see many dissertation writing services that explain very well the dissertation writing process.


Furthermore, if you decided to divide up your chapters and sections, some necessary points should be needed. These will include:

  • Literature review-similar in form and length to prolonged essay. Titled ‘how I have set up my research topic and how it fits in with existing work in area’.
  • Methodology– another essay section entitled ‘why I chose the methods I chose to answer my typical question’.
  • Findings– describe and present your own data, evidences or case study.
  • Discussion– in this section, one way is to think of it is as a three-way conversation between literature you discussed, the methodology you adopted and findings you have presented.
  • Conclusions and recommendations– you will draw both in this section, conclusions and recommendations together for practice. You can add a reflection on doing the research study.

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