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How to write a good dissertation?


A detailed and extended piece of research work based on a specific topic is called a dissertation. After completing your graduation, when you step-in to university level you will come across this sort of academic writings. For writing a good dissertation, you must have an extensive knowledge about the topic of your interest. In this blog we are providing you the help in dissertation writing. By reading this guide you will surely get an idea about how to write a good dissertation. So let’s start with the first step.

Select a good topic

The very first step in writing a dissertation is to choose a good and interesting topic on which you may proceed. You have to select that topic of your interest which is good known to you. After selecting the topic, research as much as possible on this topic for gathering the data to put into dissertation.

 Manage your topic

The topic that you selected is not a final or end point. It can be modified or changed after the research work according to your data. A lot of people change their topic in accordance with their research work or as advised by their supervisor. You can also discuss the topic with your supervisor for making it more specific. After the research work, if you want to make some changes in your topic, talk to your adviser about this.


Dissertation may become an important part of your early academic career

The dissertation document based on your research work will be read and reviewed for many years in your university. So you have to take a lot of care of your dissertation. If you will write your dissertation in a good manner and your dissertation is well-informative then it will be transformed into a book or series of articles. Unlike your previous written documents, this dissertation will not be a part of dustbin.

Work on writing dissertation in your most productive times

Observe yourself when you get bore and when you feel relaxed. Try to do work on your dissertation in your most productive times. It’s all depend upon your behavior when you can write well either in morning or in the evening. Schedule that productive time for working on dissertation. Hence you will be able to write a good and unique dissertation.

Learn about how to use Grammar and Logic

 Every student may benefit from latest word processors to become an expert author by writing a good article or dissertation. All the students who use computer should know the rules of logic. These rules become more difficult in the case of writing a dissertation in English language.

For example, consider this sentence “There is a compiler that translates the “N” languages by…” means a single compiler exists that handles all the languages, while the sentence “for each of the “N” languages, there is a compiler that translates…” means that there may be 1 compiler, 2 compilers, or N compilers.

Avoid Self-Assessment (both praise and criticism)

Don’t give any additional explanation neither praising nor criticizing in the discussion. Avoid self-assessments about the context.
Write references or bibliography of the context

A vital and integral part of your academic process is acknowledgment of your sources. You must have to provide references in this part of academic procedure for the satisfaction of the reader. If you don’t provide references in your dissertation, you should be accused of plagiarism. You should clear all these things in writing dissertation or Master’s level thesis. For this purpose gather as much references as you can and set them into the bibliography of the dissertation. A shortage length bibliography will show that you have searched a little bit. While an extensive bibliography based on a number of references will show wide range of research work.

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